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The Unexpected Lessons from Suffering | Mindset Manifesto w/ Martin

August 31, 2023 Martin Perdomo "The Elite Strategist" Season 2 Episode 276
Latinos In Real Estate Investing Podcast
The Unexpected Lessons from Suffering | Mindset Manifesto w/ Martin
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Can suffering be seen as more than just a painful experience? Dare to challenge your perceptions as we journey through the transformative side of suffering, revealing how it can be a valuable life teacher. Universal and inevitable, suffering is a part of life's rhythm that can be tackled with a mindset shift - viewing it as a phase rather than a permanent state. Drawing wisdom from the legendary Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich," we'll explore how every adversity carries the seeds of potential growth and opportunity.

Step into the life of King David, a tale of imperfection and empathy that serves as a powerful reminder of the temporary nature of suffering. We'll also delve into the Buddhist concept of impermanence, giving you a new lens to view your challenges. Sharing personal experiences, we'll show you how suffering can fuel growth and alignment with your values. Lastly, we'll highlight the magic of mindfulness, an invaluable tool in navigating suffering. Remember, "This, too, shall pass." Join us, and let's unravel the unexpected value of suffering together.

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Speaker 1:

We're diving into a topic that might seem counterintuitive at first the value of suffering. We'll explore how adopting an eschjust a phase mindset can help us navigate life's challenges and resilience and growth. Shall us jump right in point. Number one, recognizing the universalness of suffering. Suffering is a universal human experience. No one, and I mean absolutely no one, is immune to it. By acknowledging this, we can understand it's a natural part of life's ebbs and flow. When we view suffering as a phase that comes and goes, we open ourselves up to learning from it rather than being consumed by it. Think and grow rich, a book written by Napoleon Hill. He says in every adversity lies an equal to or better than opportunity. Whatever you're going through today, whatever the challenge may be, whatever you are labeling as suffering because it's all labels what is your opportunity? Where is your opportunity? What are the lessons? Where is your opportunity for growth? How can you get better in the future? Number two catalysts for growth and resilience. Suffering often serves as a catalyst for personal growth and increased resilience. It challenges us to step out of our comfort zone, adopt a new circumstance and develop coping mechanisms. So we build muscles when we're going through challenges. When we approach challenges or suffering as a phase we empower ourselves to actively seek the lessons it offers. I often say that wisdom, true wisdom, comes from life experiences that we've collected over time, that in the future, when we go into the future and we find ourselves in a situation that looks like something that occurred before or that looks like a lesson we extrapolated from an experience that we'd learned before, we can make better decisions in the future. So oftentimes difficult times come into our life to make us better in the future. If you look for it, number three perspective, there was this king. His name was David, and one day, david King David looks out the window and he sees this beautiful, beautiful woman taken about and he tells his men go bring me this one. And the men inform him that the woman is married to one of his soldiers currently at war and he gives the orders that her husband be put in the front lines. The men gets killed and King David marries this woman and has children with her. And this is the same King David that was used in the Bible with David and Goliath. And the point of the story. I think that God put this story in the Bible. Whether you believe in God or not, whatever you believe in the story is powerful story because the Bible uses the story to teach us how even God's favored the little guy David that killed the giant with a stone favored by God, even he sends and even he makes mistakes. So allowing to learn and to look at life. Suffering allows us to learn to look at others with empathy. It's just a phase. Mindset encourages us to shift our perspective. Instead of feeling suffering as a permanent state, we recognize it as a temporary period of learning. Through our own suffering we can also develop empathy and better understand struggles of others. When you hear that story of King David and you might be a man listening to this or a woman that's made your mistakes, just know that we're all human and we're all going through this human experience. Point number four embracing impermanence. The Buddhist concept of impermanence teaches us that everything is transient, including suffering. When we grasp this idea, we're better equipped to navigate challenging times. By embracing the impermanent nature of suffering, we can find solace and strength. That's right. Point number five channeling suffering into growth. When I think of this point, I think of when I was 16 years old, on my 16th birthday, that my mom kicked me out, and I remember guys feeling so resentful. It was tough, right, sleeping in a train, sleeping on a rooftop, sleeping on beaches and thinking how hard I was and how difficult of a challenge that was At the time that I was going through it. It was very difficult. However, today, 25 years later, I can look back at that experience and think how grateful I am for that experience, because that experience, as difficult as it was at that time, it has given me the ability to believe in myself. It's given me the ability to know that I can overcome challenges that come in my life. So, instead of allowing suffering to overwhelm us, we can channel this energy into personal growth and positive change. It can be a driving force that proposes forward, inspiring us to make choices that align with our values and aspirations. And again, once you're clear on what your purpose is and what your values are, a lot of this stuff becomes easier to navigate. It's very difficult when you're going through challenging situations to stop and think at times. It's a muscle you develop. What's my lesson here? What can I learn from this experience? Number six cultivating mindfulness and presence. Mindfulness plays a vital role in adopting. It's just a base mindset. Remember. This, too shall pass by staying present and acknowledging our feelings without judgment can navigate suffering with greater clarity and acceptance. Thanks for joining me today on Mindset Manifesto. I hope that this message is what you needed to hear today. Until next time, my friends, stay in mindful and keep growing Peace out.