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Latinos In Real Estate Investing Podcast

Martin Perdomo "The Elite Strategist"

Welcome to the Latinos In Real Estate Investing Podcast! Where individuals come to learn how to create wealth through Real Estate Investing. Join us on our journey as the host Martin Perdomo "The Elite Strategist" shares how ordinary people can become extraordinary with the power of Real Estate Investing. Here he shares his expert knowledge on how to create wealth through Real Estate, the mindset required to become a millionaire, and what it takes to master the craft. The Elite Strategist gives you the facts about the Real estate Investing industry and he shares all the wisdom he has amassed by being a leading investor in Eastern Pennsylvania. Along the journey, he has met some incredible people from all over the country, and he features them as guests for you to learn from and take notes. If you're looking for a "get rich quick" this podcast is not for you. Real Estate is a get rich for sure not a get rich quick deal. Martin will share strategies on how to close deals, negotiate, and navigate the world of Real Estate Investing. When you tune in you will hear, experience, and see the wonderful opportunities Real Estate will offer you and your family now. Real advice for real people. Whether you're a beginner in Real Estate or a fellow industry leader, Latinos in Real Estate Investing is the podcast for you. Download your first episode now, Enjoy!
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